Ratna Ghosal

Associate Professor, Ahmedabad University


Ecology and Environment Lab

What is ecology?

"Scientific study of the interactions that determine the distribution and abundance of organisms” (Krebs, 1985)

What is environment?

The living and non-living factors present on the earth surface. (Modified from Odum, 2012).

My lab works at the intersection of ecology and environment. We try to understand how interactions, whether at the level of species or populations or community, shape and influence different ecological processes, for example, niche compression or behavioral and/or physiological adaptations or how these interactions determine the resilience of an ecosystem. I attempt to investigate dynamic nature of these interacting factors over both temporal and spatial scales.We use different read outs and various behavior, molecular and endocrine tools to understand ecological patterns and responses of organisms towards environmental factors. 

My group works on a wide range of model organisms using a combination of field and lab/captive-based observations and experiments. We strive to apply our findings to resolve real-world problems within the domain of conservation biology.

Currently, the lab is working on the following model organisms 

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