Lab lunch, February 2024

Ratna and Chena doing a survey for suitable field sites for Etroplus work at Ratnagiri, October 2023

Lab lunch during May 2022

Drone image of Mugger crocodile captured by Brinky during her data collection at Kutch, Gujarat, April 2021

Housing of Chromide shoals successfully standardized to maintain under our laboratory conditions, January 2022

Brinky getting hands-on training to fly drone  before kick-starting data collection in three different districts of Gujarat, March 2021

Brinky and Ratna conducting filed survey on muggers at one of the study sites in Kutch, Gujarat, April, 2021

Suman conducting netting and harvesting of the experimental mesocosm pond at the field site in West Bengal, August 2021

Lab celebrating Teachers' Day, September 2019

Suman holding the exotic Amazonian catfish at the Eastern Kolkata Wetlands,  West Bengal, December 2019

Lab group out for lunch, December 2019